4 Group - Business Property

In this article I will explain four business class property, please consider carefully if you want to start a business property.
Gambler Group
Group gamblers are the ones that most people use when they lay in the decision to buy property only bedasarkan myth that property prices will always go up so they buy the game without any home purchase price survey process and survey of property price growth.

Some even dare to buy a house but the house yet so they buy a house based solely on the images of the images and seduction sales pejual promising that house prices will soon go up later.

Indeed, many who became rich from this group this occurs when the developers who build really credible and fulfill its promises so that buyers will actually cause prices to rise.
But many also be a loss of this group first because of what they were buying overpriced so behind the old capital of the two turned out to developers is not responsible for that development can not run full courtesies only partially so menyebabka naikternyata djanjikan prices do not rise even some developers who have taken money DP but tidakjadi-house or property so because developers who are concerned bangrut if so it causes losses for investors
Traders Group
Group traders are the ones who do the buying and selling property of this class of merchants in taking the decision to buy property when property prices are offered well below market price and then they buy the property then in the correct bit and sold again with a more expensive price.

Many rich people go this way, but it also has a flaw that you must have big capital and its profits only once ie when the house sold in the sale after that you have to find again from scratch.
Classification of Land Liberator
Group liberator of land are the ones who do the buying and selling properties by way of freeing the vast land and provide added value on the land so that land that he purchased the price could go up was twenty-twenty-fold.

This class is usually a class of developers who have large capital and thus have the funds to membebskan land. But these groups are particularly vulnerable to rising prices and rising interest rates.
Investor Group
Group who buy property or homes with basic decisions when property prices are down and will not sell it to any time because they let their property to work for them. They menggap when buying a property we have to profit in advance in front and each month they also have to take advantage by empowering the house that they bought so they memberdayakn house they bought with the maximum.

Based on this group I found a new theory of how you can memebeli home for FREE tampa out any money each month instead you get a great passive income.

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