4 tips - Choosing a Strategic Property Location

Choosing a strategic location of the property does need consideration, before deciding to buy property. Below this may be a consideration before you decide to buy a property, as follows;

  1. A good property should be close to the center of community activities, such as shopping malls, schools or campuses. But do not ever buy sebuab property close to the gas station, Tombs. These places are less market if the next time you plan to resell your property.
  2. If you want to use your property as a source of income by way of lease, select the appropriate criteria. If leased to boarding, make sure your property is close to the central office or work area. It could also close to campus or school.  If rented for ads, make sure your property close to the traffic light, cross railroad or skewer position of a road.
  3. Choose the property in a location that is at least the car can go, because it would increase the selling price in the future. It would be nice if you were on the highway with more than 2 streets.
  4. Make sure your property is not located in flood-prone area, although perhaps the three conditions above are met. Because it will greatly reduce the marketplace of your property.

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