House Prices Vs Your Salary

There are a couple who already well established in the work if the combine income of both husband and wife can reach 10 million per month, but unfortunately they do not own their own home they still stay at home parent of seorang wife.

Then they decided to look for and buy their dream house. They visited the exhibition which is on city property and they are interested in a minimalist home that are sold by devloper the price of Rp 300 million.

Upon their return from the exhibition directly discuss their new homes they see at the exhibition. After a long discussion and they decided to buy a house in a way to save half of their income amounted to 5 million per month to buy a house.

they also save money with discipline even though sometimes there are times when their late but ultimately save money of 300 million could they get after struggling to save for 6 years.

Happily they went devloper who built the house that they desire with a sense of pride because they had mengmpulkan money amounting to 300 million in cash and want to buy a house they desire.

But what happens after they talk to marketing their intent to buy a house worth 300 million with a type that they desire it turns out that their house prices have gone up desire to 600 million and they thought better to buy a dream house for the money saving results for 6 years is not enough.

The core of the story above is that you can not possibly catch up property prices if you just rely on income from your salary because of rising property prices is influenced by 2 factors

Inflation: The decline of the currency this can be reflected in the cost of home construction from year to year increase. Cost - the cost is the cost of builders, the cost of brick, cement etc. and the danger is very high in Indonesia infasi could reach 2 digits annually so that the value of your money will be reduced to 2 digits.

rising property prices: scarcity of land meneyebabkan property prices will go up from year to year what else to property in Indonesia will tend to increase because the price of land tends to rise to the big cities because people love to make Indonesia the child does not like Europeans or Americans who will merpikir 2 times to create a child.

Can you imagine that 2 factors increase in property prices against the salary you are likely to pay you like a story pair defeated in atas.Jika you rely on your savings alone are not likely to work to buy your first home.

But do not be sad lever sisitem property there anyway, you can still buy a house with the mortgage or use the banking system by buying houses with mortgages sisitem then you reverse the situation with bank interest against the 2 factors that cause property prices to rise.

To buy a property I suggest you borrow money in the bank from the savings due to faster property price rises in bank interest you compare bayarkan.Semoga this information can help you who want to buy the property.

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