Intristrik Value and Market Value of Property

In Seminar JamesSastro Wijoyo always said that investing in real estate as infasi sheild or shield against inflation, then there is someone say on what basis you say that the property has a shield inflation? high inflation that existed when it will be sluggish property market and property prices will fall ?????
Yes indeed if infasi high and interest rates rise, the property sector will be sluggish because the property is affected by 2 and then how to protect it because it infasi will make property values go down ...
If we are short minded when high inflation and bank interest rates rise, the property market will be sluggish and prices will fall. But this applies to the property market rather than the value of the property. For me the price of property has 2 components namely the market value and value what more intristrik wah this creature?
Okay first I will explain the market value, which meant the market value is the value or price of property that formed from the Demand and Supply of property where property prices rise when demand will rise, but if the supply of property price rises will come down. This price is based on the number of transactions happening more and more buying and selling price of the property then it will go up. Therefore, property prices will rise when inflation is low, low rates of population and GDP rise. For me when the moment this is a good time to sell the property because the price is formed is an emotional price and not the right time to buy because the price has been formed over price.
Furthermore, the intrinsic value of the inherent value of this property that I like from the property because it has inherent value. That is like ancient currency made of gold and silver values are formed from gold and silver values tersebut.Begitu also with the property that there is no value attached to the building which is influenced by things such as cement, brick, iron, labor to build, gasoline that make up the price melekat.Komponen this component is influenced by the higher Infasi infasi more expensive component of these components is what causes the well established property values will be increasingly influenced by the rise in infasi and why I said property as infasion shield.
Normally when interest rates rise and high infasi property market tends to go down but would not attach value to attach value to rise. Because the price of property is influenced by emotional and then when the interest rate rises and high inflation in the market will occur over supply and little demand so the price seems to go down. At the time this is your moment to buy the property and look for properties that are sold under value intristriknya the way you buy below replacement cost (replacement cost is the price as if you buy land and buildings separately if you want to know the detail you can learn this in
By buying below value intristrik you will benefit when purchasing. Indeed, to get a deal like this is not easy but there is always a property out there that are sold below the value of our living melekatn patiently looking for property-property that way.
When did you sell your property? sell when the economy improves because when the economy improves you will benefit many times over because at that value will return to normal intristrik plus you will get a price increase of market value which formed the mechanism of demand and supply mechanism.
So when the incoming and outgoing momentum will affect your investment returns in the future later.

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