Increased Richness of Indonesian, Jakarta: Institute for Research of The Credit Suisse said the total wealth of Indonesia to grow fivefold in the last decade to reach 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2010. 
That number will go up again more than doubled to 3.0 trillion dollars in 2015. The Credit Suisse press release received here on Thursday said the wealth of the average adult in Indonesia also shot 384 percent from 2000 to 12,112 dollars which is the fastest growth in Asia Pacific and the fourth highest in the world.

More than 90 percent of household wealth in Indonesia is a non-financial assets, especially property. Financial assets accounted for only less than 10 percent over the last decade. Of the total population, about 20 percent of the population are in the middle of the pyramid of wealth (with an average wealth ranges from 10000-100000 dollars) and the majority of the population has a wealth of under 10,000 per adult. The report shows that global wealth is owned 4.4 billion adults has grown 72 percent since 2000 and reached 195 trillion dollars. Driven by economic expansion in developing countries, Credit Suisse Research Institute estimates of global wealth will be increased 61 percent to 315 trillion dollars in 2015.

The middle of the wealth pyramid consisting of one billion people who live in countries with the fastest economic growth in the world and master the one-sixth or 32 trillion dollars of global wealth. Overall, nearly 60 percent or 587 million people in the middle of the pyramid of wealth are domiciled in Asia Pacific. China listed as the country's third largest producer of rich people in the world, only behind the United States da Japan, and 35 percent ahead of France as Europe's richest countries. (CS / Ant)


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