Importance of Property Insurance

Looking at the external risks of natural disasters of floods, landslides, and the recent tornado continually looking at building our property. So, do not delay until the disaster came because the property also need protection like you do on other valuable objects, like cars or motorcycles.

Protection against the property. That's where the role of property insurance. Not merely provide physical protection of course, but also non-physical or financial. Some advantages to property insurance clients include:

  1. You as a customer will receive financial compensation if the subject matter insured directly exposed to the risks listed in the summary of property insurance policy.
  2. You will get that forced the insured's insurance costs incurred pascamusibah, such as the cost of cleaning the rubble of damaged buildings or the cost of an architect or surveyor to renovate or rebuild homes pascamusibah insured (in the property insurance).
  3. You will be acquiring an excellent after-sales service without having to wait for the occurrence of calamities such as:

  • The estimated value of inflation while property insurance policy renewal notice for the building and all the residential buildings are insured by the insured is adequate and fair value
  • Check the condition of the building free of termites or pest house
  • Info-latest info from party property insurance
  • Membership in property insurance automatically

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