In the economic concept of the land that has value. The land has unique characteristics because it can not be used together with other investments. Another characteristic is:

  1. Each parcel of land is unique in its location and composition, can not be moved to a better position
  2. Land needs to be more productive development
  3. Soil can be used repeatedly for a long time and require different expertise in order to operate correctly in terms of investment
  4. Land is a limited and there is no formal data making it difficult to find everything we need information without conducting research
  5. Land is very useful for the community but there is no formal market, such as Exchange or Real Estate Condominium Market for exchange or sale and purchase
  6. Most community members do not know much about dariproperti sales and even very little knowledge about the ongoing negotiations
  7. Financing system with a large and complex amount needed to support the real estate market
  8. The existence of the long time gap between the results of the concept / development plan with the sales and the grace period, various deviations from the plan will occur
  9. In relative terms can not be divided, so a bit difficult to buy it according to the size we need, and usually have to buy it whole / whole.


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