Tricks - Caring for Glass Patri

As a decoration at home, the presence of stained glass can not be denied is able to make the atmosphere (and scenery), the house became more bright and nice.

No wonder when this type of glass chosen many people begin to be installed as part of the glass window. But solder is one element that is difficult to treat, especially for those who still lay. Do not worry, as usual, the team provides effective tips so you can clean the stained glass in the house well. The equipment needed is a bale of cloth / cotton, silicon glue, putty knife (pick) or other sharp objects like knives or cutter, dab of soap, and clean water.

  1. First of all clean water mixed with a dab of soap until frothy, then dip the cloth bales. Clean / coat with stained glass you want to clean with soapy water, rub until frothy, rinse, and dry with a dry cloth.
  2. To clean the black stains are commonly found on the list / the edge of the sidelines of the glass, use a putty knife or similar sharp objects. But in cleaning should be careful and painstaking, pressing too hard will make the surface of a sharp putty knife scrape the top layer of stained glass. If this is not another, the glass can not be repaired and must be replaced with new ones.
  3. When cleaning, maybe you'll see the cavity, caused by expanding its glass retaining portions. No need to worry, it is common and often occur within every three to six months. To fix this (so you do not loose glass and wobbling), dabs of silicone glue to seal the cavity in question. This should be done routinely every time period mentioned above, because usually the glue that has long will fade.
  4. To clean the rough side and smooth on the glass is not much different, but you'll know that cleaning up the rough part will be easier to remember this part do not / rarely exposed to dust.
Good luck!

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