Six Principles of Successful Property Investors

  • Fortunately at the time of purchase. Most people buying property is always thought to benefit in the future (next year, and so on). And we also can benefit properties in the transaction because the purchase price is below the market so when the time is directly and we sell at market prices, of course we are lucky. Property like this usually can be bought from a seller who really intend to sell or are highly motivated to sell because they needed money. 
  • Buy wholesale retail sales. Like the other trade, the property also applies this principle. We can buy properties in bulk and then we sold lots, lots with the retail price of course with a higher price. This method can be with very minimal capital even without capital. Follow the following explanation
  • Leverage, buy without money. This principle is by using other people's money, in this case the bank's money. With the bank's money, we even can buy property without any money themselves sepersen. Detailed explanation in the next chapter.
  • Glad the transaction, NOT on the property One of the biggest mistakes a person (especially a claim to investors) in buying the property they buy a property is not based on financial gain but rather because of factors LIKE on a beautiful property and very good architect. There is no harm in hell .... you liked it if the property for your house. But when it comes to investing, you should notice the advantages and disadvantages financially, and leave feeling like or dislike. Keep holding on investment principles, such as whether the property is a good prospect? Is making money into a positive? How growth properties in that area? And so on .. Investment property is a matter of numbers. The point is whether the financial figures will make money or not.
To clarify this, I give my examples of a former neighbor in Depok - West Java (because it's not neighborly, I moved to South Jakarta). In the past years 1999 - 2001 I lived in the housing complex. The house that I live in the house when it was small, with an area of only 78 m2, including my neighbor's house, who happens to larger area of 90 m2. My neighbor was renovating his house by building into 2 levels. This house does look magnificent and most excellent among the houses in the vicinity. He spent money Rp100 million to renovate it (when it was in 2000), so the total price of the house was to be 150 million. However, when the house was sold in the year 2008, only sold Rp170 million. Imagine, for 8 years, the price increase is only Rp20 million. And then my house sold twice during the period of 2 years (1999-2001). Why does this happen?

  • First, my neighbors are more like properties (thus spend any money to renovate), without any analysis of the transaction, whether the house was suitable stand luxurious environment is wrong.
  • Second, because the real beauty of the home or the beauty of the architecture does not necessarily increase the price of the house, if the house was in a location that is not appropriate. By this I mean. If noted, the home itself is in the complex environment of housing for lower-middle class (RSSS, Houses Very Narrow Once, he222 ...) so of course, their purchasing power mean yes ... for example only Rp 50 - Rp100 million). Thus, if there is a house that cost over 100 million so only certain people who intend to buy it, for reasons he might want in the area. But, usually, if someone who had a bigger money, he would be more likely to choose the environment appropriate to their social level.
  • Do not join in. One of the keys to success in real estate business is not ikutikutan buy property. For example, the current society, especially in big cities like Jakarta, are lining up to buy 'image' rusunami (subsidized apartment.) In fact, the majority of those who stand in line, buy on the grounds of investment because part of it.
The strategy should be is, buy when others sell, and wait for good opportunities when others buy. This strategy would require stronger than your desire to not just bandwagon without analyzing the condition of the property.
  • Rarely Have you ever listened to sell properties like this word? "Ouch ... I honestly regret having sold my house once 10 years ago for $ 100 million. And if the sale price could now Rp1, 5 billion. " Or you hear the grievances of the pensioners or old people like this, "try if I bought 3 houses before this. I definitely already rich. Just imagine, I bought this house 20 years ago only Rp 10 million and now worth Rp 1 billion. " I myself have very often heard this phrase.
Based on that experience, then property investors should not sell his property except under conditions that force or not there is a better way out.

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