Characteristics of a Healthy tiny homes

The playhouse becomes a place for people living alternative middle and lower because the price is cheaper and easier maintenance than a large house.

To meet the criteria of a small house a healthy home is determined by physiological factors is the physical form factor of the house and its inhabitants healthy behavior

a. Physiological factors home

If we refer to the small house it can be ascertained that the building area is not too wide they will be less than 150 m2 with an average area of 30 m2 - 54 m2. As for determining the quality of a healthy home Susenas refers to data that is there are 14 parameters that must be addressed:

1. The location of safe houses, not flood-prone

2. Occupancy is not too dense

Tupasi (1995) suggested that the density of housing that many big plays in the incidence of ARI as if in a room more than three persons, the amount of children exposed to the risk of respiratory infection are 1.2 time.

3. This type of cement floor tiles, ceramic or wood

Floor of the house must be higher than the face of the land to keep the floor dry.

4. Adequate lighting

The entry of natural lighting (sunlight) into the house. Therefore, pay attention to home design to attempt entry access to sunlight.

5. Ventilation

At the tropics, each person requires air air 500 lt / hr to 1500 lt / hour. Air requirements can be met by taking into account the ventilation holes in the house they will be with the following calculation:

Q = K. A

Where: Q = Volume of air in the room

A = Area of vent

K = coefficient (0.6 - 0.8 for wind direction ventilation), (0.3 - 0.4 for the direction the wind comes angle of 45 degrees)

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6. Provision of clean water

Source of good water from pipe / PAM, protected springs, wells and hand pumps protected well. If wells are not protected will undoubtedly hygienic water.

7. The distance between the source of clean water with a septic tank is more than 10 meters

This needs to be considered for sources of clean water is not polluted with dirty water.

8. Toilets are available in the house

Each house is required to have a place pembungan own excrement for, clean, not to a toilet is used by some houses (families) are nearby.

9. WC, clean

10. The existence of a closed channel for the disposal of waste water

11. State sewer line that flows smoothly, not stagnant

Standing water can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes nest. How to solve this problem is by making ditches / gutters so water can flow.

12. Proper waste management

The location of the dump away from the location of residence or can also take advantage of waste they will be composted. Garbage not disposed of carelessly like to a river.

13. There is no air pollution around the house

Planting vegetation is one alternative to keep the home from air pollution because of its function which is able to produce oxygen, absorb pollution, save water and create shade.

14. Use of electricity / gas as cooking fuel.

Not using a charcoal / coal because it will cause air pollution in the form of smoke. Impact of indoor air pollution is more dangerous because of the influence of temperature, humidity, and closely related to bacterial growth mycrobacterium, tuberculosis, streptococcus, pneumonia, etc..

b. Hygiene factor

Healthy home will not be formed without the intervention of their inhabitants. Therefore there are 10 things to do the occupants of the house to keep awake health, namely:
  1. Cleaning the house and the yard every day
  2. Maintain cleanliness of the bathroom every day
  3. Disposing of waste in place
  4. Get adequate natural lighting inside the house
  5. Cultivated wall light
  6. Arrange items neatly home
  7. Doing the greening of the page
  8. Bathtub drain
  9. Burying junk
  10. Opening the bedroom window each morning and afternoon

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