MAKASSAR – The Complete City Tour in Eastern Indonesia

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi. The city is known by a variety of interesting attractions to visit. One of them is Losari. On the beach that became the pride of the people of Makassar is, you can see the panoramic sunset views. Many tourists who say that this beach has a panoramic view of the world’s most beautiful sunset. No wonder if every evening hundreds of people had come to witness the panorama of the red sun that seemed to sink into the ocean while enjoying the sea breeze. In addition, you also can find a large enough culinary palaces along the coastal area which is located about three miles from the center of Makassar (Field Karebosi) this. There are dozens of cafes that provide a variety of foods and beverages.

Other attractions you can visit soon is Trans Studio Resort Makassar. Trans Studio is the largest indoor theme park in the world. This place has more than 20 rides games that attract children and adults. Its location not far from the beach Losari

Moving into the middle of town, you can visit Fort Ujung Pandang (Fort Rotterdam), which is of Gowa Kingdom. Inside this complex you can also visit the Museum of La Galigo which is the central replica Gowa royal government. One legacy of the kingdom of Gowa is the famous literary manuscripts written on papyrus sheets 3,500 sheets entitled I La Galigo.

In addition, there are also other attractions that are not less interesting to visit, namely Bantimurung Waterfall. In the complex waterfall is located 45 kilometers north of Makassar, you can relax with the family by renting bungalows are available while enjoying the beautiful waterfall tours and clear. This tourist area is also a habitat for many species of rare butterflies. No wonder when the Dutch colonizers once called this place as the “Kingdom of Butterfly”.

There are 2 caves in the region Bantimurung waterfall, the Cave of Dreams and Batu Caves. Cave of Dreams is located much closer, while the Batu Caves is located on top near the waterfall with the distance even further. Near this place there are some traders who are selling various souvenirs beautiful butterflies that have been preserved in a glass box and the butterfly which is used as keychains.

You can enjoy the coolness and freshness of the air by visiting the city of Makassar Malino. This place is famous as the “Top of his” Makassar. In this place you also can enjoy the natural beauty, such as waterfalls, vegetable and pine plantations, horseback riding, and the most famous is enjoying the passion which is the mainstay commodity area.

When you visit to Makassar, do not forget to stop by and enjoy the culinary delights of the town. Among them is the Coto Makassar, Civil Sop, Sop Konro, Nyuknyang, Kapurung, ice Palubutung, and typical traditional snacks of this city, namely bananas Epe.

It feels incomplete to visit this city if they do not buy souvenirs typical of the local town. You can stop by to Jalan Somba Opu. In this place, you can find a variety of souvenirs, silk, silver to gold.

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