It is necessary to know the value of its assets to sell, give as security for a loan, ensuring better management, give it, share it, bring it to a corporation, for the calculation of a more- value, the tax on capital, etc.. Accordingly, it is often necessary to know accurately the value of his property.

This is where the art is an expert. On visiting a property, the expert analysis of its composition, its environment, its appreciation against the market. For this he offers to clients a specific technical market knowledge and a working tool, and databases, adapted to the housing market in its region.

The surveyor carries out a first step a detailed tour of the property appraised. He studied the issue by reviewing the background documents. It analyzes the good, the references of the market and makes the necessary checks (cadastre, origin, occupation, easements)..

It then determines the "fair value" of the property through a variety of methods (for comparison, by income.) And then makes its findings in a written document signed and dated the expert report.

Independent (and unbiased) expert real estate is often specialized (residential property, commercial property (factory, warehouse.) Offices, businesses, commercial real estate (shops, shopping malls), leisure real estate, real estate agriculture, forestry or land. Of course, it must have good general knowledge and awareness through a comprehensive study that was done, the material within its specialty. The surveyor is trained in law (bac + 4 or 5).

If you want to know more about real estate businesses, consult our guide in bookstores. You will find testimonials and advice on training to follow, the business opportunities in the secteur.Fiche extracted Guide "trades of real estate" by Pascal Mayre Good Guide Series J, STUDYRAMA EDITION

  • Property manager
  • Developer developer
  • Planner planner
  • Architect specializing in environmental
  • Advisor estate transactions
  • Management agency director
  • Director of real estate programs
  • Valuer
  • Property Manager
  • Trustee property manager
  • Lawyer in real estate law
  • Estate agent
  • Real Estate Negotiator
  • Notary
  • Developer
  • Branch Manager
  • Responsible for property management
  • Secretary of estate agency
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