Visit Makassar 2011

Welcoming the visit Makassar 2011, stayed a few months away, the hotels in Makassar began to preen. Visit Makassar is a government program to increase tourists to Makassar.

Clarion Hotel, for example slowly taking shape with the launch vehicle operation under the brand 'Visit Makassar' and 10 luxury rickshaw. This vehicle is specifically operated by the Clarion hotel guests.

General Manager (GM) Clarion Hotel, Anggiat Sinaga said, as a form of support to welcome Visit Makassar 2011, Clarion Hotel will change the interior of the hotel, especially in the lobby.
"The important thing is we multiply the traditional nuances that have not highlighted in the famous hotels. Like, traditional music and traditional menu," he said.

By launching this operational vehicles, Anggiat hope all hotel also clean up to welcome tourists who visit to Makassar.

"I started with the hope of all the hotel management would participate, if only calls only and do not start another later say,"explained the Chairman of Union of Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI), South Sulawesi.

In addition, he also hoped the government could increase the frequency of flights in order to visit Makassar 2011. He added, the target of 7 million people nationally tourists, only 37,000 of South Sulawesi, or only 0.25% market share.

"This figure is still far from market expectations that we expect,"he concluded. [mah]

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