Property Growth Makassar Forward to the Third Largest Position in Indonesia (25%) per Year of

JAKARTA - The last five years, the property business in Makassar, South Sulawesi, growing quite rapidly.

Pusat Studi Properti Indonesia (PSPI) or Indonesia Property Study Centre noted the development of property projects, both residential, shopping centers, as well as shops, continues to squirm.

Even the growth of property sector in the third position of Makassar in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya.

"In the last five years, the average property sector growth there reached 25 percent per year. It's very unusual for the size of the city was like Makassar, "said property analyst, Panangian Simanungkalit, Friday (26 / 3).
He said that since Vice President Jusuf Kalla's office, property development and infrastructure in the region is moving fast.

Moreover, with the completion of the international airport of Sultan Hasanuddin, Makassar has established itself as a center of growth in the eastern part of Indonesia.

According to Panangian, with a population of only one million inhabitants, growing property sector in Makassar was phenomenal.

He gave the example of the soaring land prices jump like crazy. In fact, there is now downtown location that land prices have touched the figure of eight million rupiah per square meter.

"If you look at the availability of land and high purchasing power, I predict the property sector in Makassar will continue to grow.

Moreover, this area has many agricultural products in export-based economy that encourages faster in the area, "said Panangian.

In addition to local developers, some companies have penetrated the national property market in Makassar. Call it the Ciputra Group, which since March 2009 to build housing Citraland Celebes.

Luxury housing project area of 30 hectares of the investment spending to 400 billion rupiah. Perum Perumnas also was exploring the development of lower middle apartment and home site (landed house) in Makassar.

The investment value of the project was estimated at 250 billion rupiah. Developer red plate was still doing calculations to determine when the market situation sebaikanya project starts.

"Housing-owned land, right in the middle of the city of Makassar. Close to terminals and other public facilities so that we believe will interest the public.

But we wait for market development first. If possible, this year will start work, "said Marketing Director Teddy Robinson Public Corporation Housing Siahaan, recently.

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