Keynote Speakers
Walikota Makassar

H. Ilham Arief Sirajuddin 

Presented at the Seminar and Symposium at the Hotel Clarion 2 November 2009

The city of Makassar, also known as the City anging Mammiri has an area of 175.77 km2, divided into 14 districts and 143 villages with a population of 1,371,904 souls in the night and nearly 1.6 million people in the daytime. The capital of Makassar in South Sulawesi Province is geographically located in the middle of the archipelago or the Center Point of Indonesia and has a strategic position as a center for the development, distribution of goods / services and the family room or the "Living Room" in eastern Indonesia. Within the last 3 years the number of visits of foreign tourists who came to visit in the city of Makassar experienced a significant increase with an average of 30.00% each year, it reveals the position of Makassar as a Featured Destination Cities and City Tourism Organisation MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibitions), Indonesia.

Makassar City economic development activities over the years, can not be separated from investment activities in various industrial sectors. Activities such development is the embodiment of mission and development programs that had been developed in an effort to achieve the goals of development, or even further to achieve the vision of building good long-term vision (2025) and five-year vision (2014) as contained in the Regional Long Term Development Plan The city of Makassar from the formulation:

"The realization of Makassar as Maritime City, Commerce, Education, Culture and globally-oriented services, and most environmentally friendly"

Further long-term vision is translated into five annual Vision (2009 - 2014) the Government of Makassar to the formula:

"The realization of Wisdom rests MAKASSAR WORLD CITY LOCAL"

In order to achieve Vision and Mission which has been established then the formulated strategy, namely: equity, growth, harmony, and balance, interconnection, and dynamic control.In accordance with the above strategy and to keep referring to the vision of the Government of Makassar, the formulated 5 (five) main points of government policy of Makassar in RPJMD 2009 to 2014 which include: (1). Human Quality Development (2). Area Development, Spatial Planning and the Environment, (3). Strengthening the Economic Structure, (4). Decentralization for Good Governance and Corruption-Free, and (5). Law Enforcement and Human Rights.

Makassar economic development has shown significant progress seen from some macro economic indicators, especially of Economic Growth. Yeah economic growth reached 8.17% in 2008, while the average economic growth of 8.44% over the last 5 years.

The economic structure of Makassar in 2008 was dominated by four sectors, each contributing to the formation of GDP is trade, hotels and restaurants (28.44%), manufacturing (23.13%), transport and communications sector (15, 78%) and services sector (11.59%).

The contribution of each sector into a basic framework for growth and transformation of economic structure of the next five years on the basis that: (1) The city of Makassar as the nodes of economic activity has the potential carrying capacity and competitiveness of the regions hinterlannya, (2) have the means and facilities that can facilitate the flow of goods closely related to exports and the result of industry in the region that already exist, as well as encourage the creation of the service sector and source of income for the city of Makassar.

Structural transformation that occurs can not be separated from investment activities and encouragement rampant monetary instruments with interest rates that are responsive to the investment climate. With that basis there has been domestic investment approvals (domestic) with a value of Rp 928.375 billion and foreign investment (FDI) of U.S. $ 18,629,070 (PMA) in 2008.

For factors of infrastructure, facilities and infrastructure of both land and sea transportation and air condition is quite good with an average growth of 8.49% per annum. As for setting the pattern of road network that will be developed in the outer ring road, middle ring road, the inner ring road and the central radial road. Today the development of toll road section IV of the airport to downtown along 11.570 km has been completed and is perceived by the public benefit. With the toll road section IV, the travel time from airport to city center just 20 minutes.

In the case of marine transportation facilities, Port of Makassar has been developed not only to improve the condition of the facility, but also in order to modify the pattern of port operations to run as possible, especially all the facilities needed ocean port of Makassar as a "sea ports of entry in eastern Indonesia , Port and Soekarno-Hatta in Makassar from the year 2007 has been ogled and visited by cruise ship from Europe, 2008 kl carrying six cruise ships were docked and as a result now Makassar has become a new port of call of Indonesia or port of destination for cruise ships in the region Southeast Asia, for 2009 - January 2011 have been periodically scheduled arrival of Cruise Ship in Makassar as much as 15 times the number of passengers or tourists as much as 19 232 people.

Meanwhile Hasanuddin airport with international standards is also being developed. Area of the airport terminal currently is 52,000 m2 with the capacity of the terminal 7 million passengers per year. The number of international and domestic flights in 2008 as many as 49,584 flights, or an average of 136 flights per day, and the number of passengers in 2008 amounted to 4,706,189 passengers or an average of 12,894 passengers per day.

To further stimulate economic activities in Makassar, Makassar city government with the intense campaigning Makasssar to everyone, companies and other organizations to conduct activities in Makassar like activity meetings, incentive travel, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other events. The success of promoting the city of Makassar as a destination of significant events seen in recent years in which several national and international events held in the city of Makassar as TIME Travel Market 2006 and 2008, FIPOB, AGRO AND FOOD EXPO, PSBM (Merchant Meeting Bugis Makassar), Sulawesi Expo, Some Working Meeting and Meeting of the Coordination of regional and national, Sea Food Festival and Traditional Foods, Makassar Regatta, Asia Pacific Rally Championship, the Darwin Yacht Race Makassar, Indonesia Sail Race Darwin-Singapore, and the expo and other international exhibitions nationwide . This condition is significant with the hotel occupancy rate increased to an average of 80%, and even to have an impact on he glanced Napier for investment in property sector and shopping centers that ultimately will create employment opportunities and increasing economic prosperity and the people of Makassar.

In the field of tourism, tourism potential 'Home Makassar City Beach' or The Waterfront City is quite diverse and interesting attractions which the Marine with 12 exotic islands in the group of Spermonde and trade mark Losari area around the famous beach, culture and history, tourism education, and shopping tour is a unique attraction of superior nan.

To support the tourism potential, especially the development of Area city center associated with settlement of the city environment, the City has conducted environmental arrangement by creating a comfortable urban space with the availability of 'green open space' as well as an ideal public space, making the city look beautiful, comfortable and fun, providing settlement land in the form of real estate, apartments, supported by business centers are located in one area such as, the development of 'Integrated Global Business District' on the headland location as a region of interest devoted to the centralization and development of global business activities.

To accelerate the development of Makassar Makassar City Government continues to make some infrastructure improvements such as the improvement of road infrastructure such as construction and widening of roads Fly Over, Revitalization and Losari Karebosi and Centre Point development plans of Indonesia. To support the activities supporting the synergy in a system of solid space, along with the provincial government has membangunan Celebes Convention Centre or Triple C, which serves as a conference, exhibition, and business contacts of national and international scale conducted in this place.

From the description above, illustrated the commitment of the Government of Makassar great and coupled with the determination of appropriate policies have been able to create a conducive security conditions, traffic flow is smooth and controlled, the availability of adequate infrastructure, provides ease of licensing, as well as the development of tourism diversification city will become the main attraction, especially in support of activities - activities Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Exhibition (MICE) or Conferences, Incentive Travel, 

Conference and Exhibition.

With all the potential for tourism, which is owned and to further stimulate the development of tourism sector Makassar forward as a leading regional real income improvement in the Government of the City in a series of welcoming her to the 402 anniversary of the date 9 November will be declared the program "MAKASSAR VISIT 2011" as the momentum of rise Makassar tourism.

Visit Makassar 2011 is one of the promotional efforts that are considered very strategic to further improve the imaging of Makassar as 'a new travel destination' or regional tourism destination. Of course, in achieving goals and objectives of Makassar in 2011 the launching of the Visit program encountered many obstacles and challenges both from the factor of Natural Resources and the Human.

Tourism that is multiplayer effect involving all elements of support in its development requires a solid synergy between Government, Tourism and Community Stakehoders which is the key word that can not be negotiable. Through this symposium seminar rests on the commitment to promote tourism in the launching of the Visit of Makassar in Makassar in 2011 on behalf of our City Government urge all tourism stakeholders and the community together to discuss and formulate strategic steps that will be done at the same time analyzing the problems, strengths, challenges and impacts of Visit the program implementation Makassar 2011. The subject and the formulation of the terakumulir in this activity will be a significant input for determining the policy of the Government to do the search for solutions appropriate and efficient in welcoming the Visit Makassar 2011.

So hopefully I can convey what we do and strive for the betterment of the nation and state in particular for the development and advancement of Makassar the same time we love to get mercy and blessings of Allah SWT. Amen. Wabillahi Taufiq Wal Hidayah, Wassalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

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