Beware - Property Bubbles Indonesia

Start the rapid growth of property in the homeland, should be addressed carefully. The growth is too high in that sector is not expected to impact the economic bubble (bubble). For if broken, will negatively affect other sectors.
Vice president, warned the economic crisis that befell a number of developed countries caused by the bubble growth property. "We recently had a class, if we too pursue something short-term growth, but forget about the medium term, the long term there will be a bubble," he said.
Vice President says, with a target of 7-8 percent economic growth, manufacturing growth, including properties at 1.5 to 2 percent per year has been pretty good. "The growth of the property even in normal circumstances it was enough movement space," he said.
Boediono warned, in the field of property development requires planning at the local level. Should Spatial planning is planned and done well.

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