Creatively decorate their own offices

Office at home is not new for Mubarak. Mother of two children decided to remodel their home in part, precisely on the second floor of his house to be used as office notarisnya.

This woman does not only work as a lecturer at the Hasanuddin University, as well as a notary. Office created a very relaxed, because it is dominated by his favorite color, Purple, not with the official colors as an office.

The color purple on the wall look beautiful pink color dipadupadankan on the other side of the wall. The color purple is also applied to some knick-knacks, and is perfect with the green color in some furniture. Some furniture also seemed to relax with a coffee table that looks similar to the dinner table. As an entertainer, the office added flat-screen television and refrigerator.

To look like an office, working desk-Fitr placed close to one wall. At the front desk are two chairs for clients. Wardrobe and desk work are also seen in were said, as a place for shelving books on the Notary.

Devices PC computer on the desk is not visible, but replaced with a portable computer or laptop. On his desk there is also a radio device. some small trinkets also appeared in the office. The result, familiar feel of a familiar look in the den-Fitr. (mel-TribunTimur)

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