Cool with plants in front of the house

Lush plant in front porch does not imply that will build homes look the forest. Provided, is organized with an honest trying look will facilitate beautify the front area as a whole.

That is the opinion of Dr. Fitrizki Utami, a lecturer and owner of the park in road macan Makassar. Wife of Irmal Zadaruddin, deliberately manufacture lush tropical gardens and exquisite to seem.

Moreover, indeed, his home park is supported * with the quality concept that seems at the terrace of his house, therefore it's acceptable if paired with lush plants.

"My husband was pleased with the quality concept.  Therefore our core concept was created in accordance with a gate on the porch," said the woman born in Bandung, 11/12/1963.

Garden Home  - Fitri is indeed stuffed a diffusion of tropical plants ranging from flower-pandanan pandanus species, vines, bamboos species, up to a mini elephant grass. Not solely full of lush plants, the garden is additionally embellished with dozens of ornamental plants are deliberately hanging in several places. Dozens of hanging plants, the recognized Fitr, done as a results of there was no land left for kind of those ornamental plants.

According to him, the solution is to point out hanging plants. additionally to beautiful, this technique additionally saves in terms of soil and treatment. Not solely that, it additionally creates a fun atmosphere as a results of it'd provide another color to the garden.

For his front garden is not monotonous with inexperienced color of plants, intentionally Fitri red coloring pillars in front of the house. Pillars of the red color into utterly totally different accents at intervals the park. at intervals the park additionally provided the gazebo at the corner of the house. (Meliana bory-TribunTimur)

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