Real estate software

Activimmo is a real estate software specially designed to provide real estate agency in performing an IT solution for the tasks related to real estate transactions.

This software enables real estate agents to quickly obtain productivity gains by automating tasks such as:
  • immediate access to information about a product or a contact,
  • mailings and personal attention to prospective purchasers,
  • automated publishing your ads to all media
  • automatic update of your real estate website,
  • automated creation of documents / emails personalized (posters, purchase requests, reminders, ..).
  • reconciliations property buyers based on the technology of Intelligent Query '
  • slideshow presentation of property to buy (including virtual tours and slide "window")
  • smooth organization of appointments,
  • instantaneous creation of virtual tours
  • exchange / sharing of data between multiple agencies,
  • bid management and sales
  • reports and statistical tables (table of fees, listing of properties ,...),
  • Support for 15 languages
  • Showing slide to the window of the agency (up to 16 screens simultaneously),
  • possibility of recovering data from various transaction software
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