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In the real world, very few individuals order appraisal reports to establish an offering price or to prove the purchase price. At the point of offering to buy (in a typical residential transaction) is made, the price has been set by another party, not the buyer. Prices have been set by the seller, who wants to get the dollar as high as possible, or agents, who receive a percentage of the price as compensation and often represents the seller in the transaction.
Real estate agents will usually conduct comparative market analysis (CMA). Assessment of the law in most states allow real estate agents to make CMAS without permission or certified appraiser. A CMA is an important part of preparation for the listing agent and consists of checking the sale of property in the area to arrive at the list price. The reliability of the CMA depends on the experience of agents and property characteristics. The agent will suggest a selling price to the seller based on the analysis. However, neither the seller nor the agent are bound by the results of the analysis, and agents are not required to follow a formal procedure in completing the CMA. If the seller wants to list properties at a higher price than the price suggested by the agent, the agent may be forced to accept a list of prices or risk losing a commission.
Buyers believe that they are getting a good deal if they make a bid lower than the price listed. But how far above the market value of listed properties: 10%, maybe 20%? An agreed price is 10% lower than the listed price, on a property that was recorded at 20% above its value, not cheap And, the agent can not tell the buyer that the price offered is higher than the value, or even higher than their own CMA. In most countries, they must submit bids to the seller.
The seller may want to order a property appraisal before listing the property. Of course, the cost assessment is always wary, especially if the seller knows that the buyer will pay for it when applying for credit. But the appraisal is often justified. The seller could lose sales if the property was appraised for less than the selling price as assessed by the lender or buyer's appraiser.

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