Terrace Flirting with Artwork and Topping Coral

Terrace, an area that is often unnoticed. Though its function is "deliver" people from the page into the house, have the potential to provide a unique first impression. Not adventurous, really, decorate it. Very simple, like the photo below.

Adrian Mulya/iDEA

Unlike most people who may be reluctant to place artwork on the front porch, one homeowner who is actually providing special coakan, to put the two artwork collection. Even the backdrop of his whitewash walls brightly colored paint, as an accent. Automatically makes your eyes everyone who passed by, drawn to these coakan.

Not just artwork, on the front, combined with stepping stone was also attended by a sprinkling of white coral. The contrast with the white appear black floor terrace. Topping this coral also become one of the elements that make it look nice terrace.

Views-see, this patio - without artwork and a sprinkling of coral - actually mediocre. The size is not too broad. But the owner did not then receive and said nothing. For small houses, the terrace must be made is amazing, so as to create the impression that "flirting". Kan if first impressions are so tempting, then more and more curious about the contents of his home.

What about your porch? That's enough "tease"? (Anissa Q. Aini/iDEA

Source : http://properti.kompas.com

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