Sulawesi selatan - Potential of the property market is still promising 2011

MAKASSAR: Association of Real Estate Companies (REI), Indonesia saw the potential of the property market in South Sulawesi in 2011 are still promising, especially in the city of Makassar, in spite of the realization of housing construction this year is relatively far below the target.
REI chairman Jamaluddin Sulsel Jafar said housing investment climate in the region is still good, in which all stakeholders, including banking, support. He says demand has remained high occupancy level of social welfare improvement over the middle class.
Next year, he said, REI set target of 17,000 new housing units, about 13% higher than 2010 target of 15,000 units. Most of the residential house is a kind of simple.
"We raise the target considering the number of support to realize. Now consumers increasingly easy to buy a home because almost all banks are offering mortgages, "said Jamaluddin, today.
According to Jamaluddin, a report from the developer REI member states demand for housing in South Sulawesi in recent months tended to increase, possibly due to consumers' anticipation of rising mortgage interest rates next year.
Still, he said the number of new homes built this year seems only reached 10,000 units, far below the target of 15,000 units. Jamaluddin pointed to factors that are less friendly weather as one of the main causes.
Property market in South Sulawesi, Makassar in particular, several years ago to grow quite significantly compared to previous. REI record housing construction almost always penetrate the 10,000 units, except at the peak of the global crisis of 2008.
This growth also marked the entry of a number of national developers to the area. In addition to simple types of occupancy, sales of luxury homes is growing. Segment shop houses that make the city of Makassar dubbed a million shop also still growing.
Jamaluddin added threat of property expansion next year come from the potential increase in lending rates. Many people predict the Bank Indonesia will raise interest rates in 2011 to suppress the increase in inflation. "In addition, we remain alert to weather conditions that could slow development," he said. (Kmy)

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