Makassar Properti- Tips in selling property

Makassar Properti.  There are a few tips in selling the property, among others:

  1. Preparing sales. Vendor should prepare the property you want sold, such as the condition of the property in a state of neat, clean, well maintained on the outside and inside. Because the first impression the buyer will be better prospects. So that can add value to sell property.
  2. Survey property prices. Vendors can survey the property sales price to a few Property Agent famous, from the property price, the vendor will get the sale price enter the property. Usually the property price will be matched with transactions that never happened. Pricing depends on the conditions that exist such as the type, location and period of time to market.
  3. Determine Property Agent. Choose a reputable property agents and professionals in their field. Usually the agent will explain in detail, such as the type of agreement, price, promotion programs to be run, tax sales, administrative costs notasris / PPAT and commissions for agents. Make sure the agent you choose to provide the optimum selling price and best service.


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